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C++ Interview Answers

by Curtis Krauskopf

So how did you do on your simulated C++ job interview? Did you go the extra step of making a video tape of your interview or did you just mentally check-off each question in Part 1 of this article?

This article provides answers to the sample C++ interview questions provided in part 1. If you haven't done it already, please take the extra step of reading part 1 first and simulating an interview before reading this article.

When I was researching good C++ questions (and their answers) on the Internet, I was astonished to find many pages with legitimate questions but incorrect answers. Some of the questions even had multiple incorrect answers. Even some of the sample programs were so obviously wrong that they wouldn't even compile without being recoded.

That is not the case for the C++ questions and answers at The Database Managers' web site. Every question has been carefully answered and many have cross-references to other (reputable) web sites that have complete answers to the questions.

In addition, every code sample was copied directly from an example program that answers the question. In addition, all of the code for the C++ questions and answers can be downloaded directly from The Database Managers' website.

With that spoiler warning out of the way, let's look at the C++ interview answers:

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