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Showing Skills with Short Programs on a Job Interview

by Curtis Krauskopf

Each of these programming problems should be conducted at a workstation. After thinking about the question for a reasonable timeframe, you should be able to answer the question, "How long will it take you to write this program?". Then prove yourself correct by writing and debugging program within the timeframe you've allotted for yourself.

  1. An array that is instantiated with the new[] operator should also be deleted using the delete[] operator. Write a program that proves that the destructors for an array are not called when the array was instantiated with new [] and the array was deleted with delete (without the delete[] syntax).
  2. Write a String class that compares its strings by ignoring the case of the characters.
  3. A comma-delimited file has two columns: timeA and timeB. Both columns are times in the following format: hh:mm [a|p]m

        hh is from 1 to 12.
        mm is from 1 to 60.
        [a|p] is either an 'a' or 'p'.

    Example file:
    5:57 pm,10:37 am

    Write a program that reads the comma-delimited text file. For each line in the text file, report the time that is earlier. Assume all times are in the same time zone and that all times are for the same day.

  4. Sort a linked list using recursion.
  5. Sort a linked list without using recursion.
  6. Reverse a single-linked list without using recursion.
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